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Christian Colabelli has been playing guitar since the age of 13. From the moment he picked up the instrument he knew that the desire to continually progress and learn every minute aspect of the guitar would be unquenchable. Christian studied at the acclaimed Berklee College of music and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Professional Music (concentration in Performance). While in attendance, he studied with world renowned guitarists, Mark White, Joe Stump, and Richie Hart. He was also a three time member of Mark White’s advanced performing guitar ensemble, “The Eklektic Elektriks,” which included Dan Platzman, Wayne Sermon and Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons. He is comfortable playing a wide range of styles, including, country, jazz, fusion, rock, shred and metal. He has played/recorded with famed drummer Rakalam Bob Moses (Pat Metheny, Gary Burton), Hayden Smith, George Massenburg, The JT Project, and Nathan Webb (Kenny Garrett) among others, and played guitar for the Halcats on Holland America Cruise ships, the Westerdam and the Veendam. 

Christian’s former project, Boy Meets Machine, showcased for Grandhustle Records in Atlanta in 2009 and released an EP “In a World of Wireworks” and a full length album, “War Horn,” which received critical acclaim in Guitar World, Alternative Press, and The band went through several lineup changes and ended up reforming as (the now defunct) Reach, which released one EP, “Patterns in Static,” The EP received international radio play and charted on CMJ. 

Ever expanding and always hungry for new challenges, Christian was hired on as a session musician to play in the extreme metal act, “Dark Empire” (Nightmare Records) in 2013. “Tackling the Dark Empire material broadened my pallet of colors and forced me to become a better musician. I simply didn’t have a choice,” he says. The band garnered an international following, was featured on Blabbermouth and Truth in Shredding, and played shows with Nile, Krisiun, Abiotic, Arsis, and Allegaeon among other heavy metal staples before ultimately disbanding. 

Christian’s current main original project is Circuitry, a progressive metalcore outfit hailing from Long Branch, New Jersey. "Perfect Vision" is currently available on iTunes and was featured on ItDjents, Metalsucks and Geargods. The band has shared the stage with countless well-known acts including: Deftones, Refused, All that Remains, The Agonist, A Skyklit Drive, Affiance, And So I Watch You From Afar, After the Burial, Erra, Devour the Day, We Came as Romans, Within the Ruins, Dance Gavin Dance, Iwrestledabearonce, Upon a Burning Body and The Fall of Troy. Christian and Circuitry drummer, Matt Guglielmo formed a progressive instrumental side project called Sightharvest which released its eponymous debut album in late 2019.  He also plays in a newly formed jazz fusion project called Surreal Measures which is set to release its debut album in 2020. 

 Christian is the Product Manager of Effects Pedals at Eventide, where he works closely with developers to come out with the most intuitive, best sounding gear imaginable. He works with elite artists from all over the world and travels to tradeshows to demo, perform and give clinics with Eventide. Christian also teaches an ever growing roster of devoted students. “I really enjoy teaching because I believe it is a two way street. I gain just as much insight from the student as they hopefully do from me. It is truly rewarding to get inside a student’s head and see how they conceptualize the instrument.” His dedication to the instrument is reflected in his students’ progress. 

A consummate creative, Christian is also an avid artist and writer. His artwork has been featured on album covers, tee-shirts and media publications. He specializes in watercolor and pen and ink. Christian was the associate editor of the student run newspaper, “The Groove,” during his time at Berklee College of Music. He is a contributer for ItDjents and thoroughly enjoys the process of writing. “Although I breathe all things guitar, it’s nice to have other outlets to express my art. I feel that as long as I’m crafting original content of some form, I’m fulfilling what I believe I was put on earth to do! I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Christian Colabelli will not stop developing as an artist in any facet. His work ethic, curiosity and vigor propel him forward into constant evolution. He will never be satisfied and always strive for perfection.

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