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Carvin DC727
Fender 1960 Custom Shop Heavy Relic Stratocaster

Fender 1951 Custom Shop Heavy Relic Nocaster
Gibson “The Paul II” Les Paul
Ibanez J Custom RG8570SP-NT (2)
Ibanez J Custom JCRG613BSZ (2)
Ibanez RGPR2 Texas Special 
Ibanez Wired Guitar Prestige RG7

Ibanez Black Haze (Euro) Prestige RG7 (2)
Strandberg Boden 6 Custom Shop Koa (2)
Strandberg Boden 7 Custom Shop Koa (3)

Strandberg Boden USA Select Poplar Burl 6 & 7
Suhr Modern (Koa Top)
Suhr Modern (Spalted Burled Maple Top)

Suhr Modern (Spalted Maple Top)
Suhr Modern (Claro Walnut Top)
Pasquale STM 3500



Bogner Ecstasy (Green Light Edition) – Modded with KT77s

Diezel VH4

Mesa 2:90 Simulclass Stereo Power Amp
Fender Deluxe-Modded by Jaded Faith Mods w/ Patriot Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker
Fender Deluxe-Modded by Jaded Faith Mods w/ Celestion Greenback Speaker
Fender Blues Deluxe- Modded by Jaded Faith Mods w/ Patriot Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker
Fractal Audio Axe-FX II XL 
Yamaha THR 10X
Electro-Voice ELX115P 15" Live X 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker
Bogner 212C 2x12 closed back cab
Orange PPC212 2X12 closed back cab



Mini Board

Temple Audio Board (powered by Eventide/Cioks Powermax): Guitar>Analogman King of Tone >Eventide H9 (Controlled by a Barn 3 OX 9 and Tesla Tap>Eventide Rose (Controlled by a Dunlop Volume (X) Mini>Exotic EP Booster>Amp (Each switch is fitted with Barefoot Buttons)


Big Board 1

Pedaltrain Pro (powered by two Voodo Lab Pedal Power IIs): Guitar>Boss Noise Supressor >JHS powered EB JR Volume Pedal (Boss TU-2 Tuner going out of tuner out)>Mission Engineering ReWah>Digitech Whammy 5>Keeley modded TS808>Keeley Compressor>Keeley modded Boss Super Overdrive SD-1>Boss Noise Supressor>Analogman Standard Chorus>MXR Carbon Copy delay>Eventide Timefactor Delay (Controlled by Digitech FS3X and Boss FV-500H Expression Pedal>Xotic Effects EP Booster>Amp

Big Board 2

Pedal Train 2 (powered by Pedal Power): Guiar>TC Electronics Sentry Noise Gate>TC Polytune Mini>Wampler Ego Compressor>TWA Great Divide 2.0>Electro Harmonix Pitchfork (controlled by AMT EX-50 mini expression pedal)>Geoffrey Teese RMC 3 Wah>Keeley Red Dirt>Suhr Riot Reloaded>Analogman King of Tone>Wampler Nirvana Chorus>MXR Carbon Copy>TC Electronic X4 Delay> Xotic Effects EP Booster>Amp


Pickboy Pos-a-grip Jazz 1.5 Tortoise Shell Picks
DR Strings (9-42), (10-46), Optimized Sets for Strandbergs: 6> (9.5, 13, 16, 24, 34, 46) 7> (9.5, 13, 16, 24, 34, 46, 65)
Mogami Cables
Levi Straps
Bare Knuckle Pickups